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Revolving Centre

Revolving Centre

  • Insertion centres with inside centre and raw pieces for revolving centre
  • Centre points are carbide/stellite coated and interchangeable to suite different workpiece centre sizes
  • Suitable for all centre point shanks tapered 2°
  • Rotating and axially sprung, spring force adjustable
  • Available also with hollow centres

The revolving centre is mounted in the turret. The shaft with inserted centre-point is sprung and rotates with the workpiece. The spring pressure can be adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions. The centre-points are carbide/stellite coated and interchangeable to suit different workpiece centre sizes.

Download brochure "Revolving Centre" in PDF format
ANGST Tool Division
As of 1.1.2020, we acquired the ANGST tool division from Batzberg Manufaktur AG.
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