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PAFIX Threading Heads CNC

  • Extremely compact construction
  • For internal and external threading
  • Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6
  • Thanks to clutch disengagement depths are produced accurately and consistently
  • Fast setting, simple programming and a precise depth facility
  • One head for internal and external threads
  • With integrated supply of coolant
  • Available with ANGST-Flex or Schaublin ESX collets
  • All common shanks such as cylindrical, cylindrical with flat (Weldon), DIN 69880 / VDI 3425, SK DIN 69871, BT (Japan Standard MAS 403), ISO Caterpillar and morse tapered
Download brochure "PAFIX threading heads for CNC equipment" in PDF format
ANGST Tool Division
As of 1.1.2020, we acquired the ANGST tool division from Batzberg Manufaktur AG.
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